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Belinda Doyle - Resin Art, Abstract Art & Photography

Hyams Sand - Resin Surfboard Wall Art - 40cm

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Belinda’s resin artworks are now available in these one-of-a-kind surfboards, ready to hang on the wall. Combining her love of two materials, resin, and timber, these surfboard art wall pieces made with Australian camphor laurel, aim to recreate the look and feel of aerial photography, and have become a signature style for Belinda.

Resin offers a high gloss reflective surface that often looks like aerial images, galaxies, or beachscapes. Resin in some artworks is almost three-dimensional and each piece is one of a kind.

Resin Surfboard Wall Art

Size 40cm in length

Base: 20mm Camphor Laurel Handmade Board

Acrylic, Ink & Resin

Ready to hang