Take a Trip to Lake Conjola NSW - Belinda Doyle - Australian Photographer & Resin Artist

Take a Trip to Lake Conjola NSW

Introducing my latest wall art collection, inspired by the breathtaking scenery of Lake Conjola, NSW. Each piece captures the serene beauty and unique characteristics of this picturesque location, showcasing its colors, textures, and moods.

Thanks to the still conditions and warm weather between Christmas and New Year, I was finally able to capture my most requested location in a way that truly reflects my vision.

"Green Island Blues" is a stunning print capturing the calm waters of the ocean and the beauty of Green Island looking north towards Manyana. BUY

"Summer Shoreline" captures the vibrant energy of the ocean with keen surfers enjoying the decent swell. BUY

And "Marlu the Kangaroo" captures the friendly marsupial coming out to greet us as we walked towards the lake's entrance. BUY

Finally, "A stunning hazy sunset" ended a perfect day of shooting and is a beautiful reminder of the tranquility of this stunning location. BUY

The entire collection can be found on my website, and all prints are professionally taken and printed using high-quality materials, ensuring they will last a lifetime. We also offer postage across Australia, making it easy to bring a piece of Lake Conjola's beauty into your home.


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