Step into a world where resin, photography, interiors, and inspiration come together, all inspired by the stunning landscapes of the South Coast of NSW.

I'm a passionate creator, fully immersed in the worlds of art, design, and photography. Born and raised on the South Coast, I call Jamberoo home and find my creative sanctuary in the charming town of Shellharbour, NSW. It's here that I bring my art to life and craft beautiful handmade goods.

Drawing inspiration from breathtaking aerial views, I combine resin and timber to create unique masterpieces. Each piece captures the intricate textures of wood grains and the coastal colors from above, resulting in creations that are truly one-of-a-kind.

My camera has been with me every step of the way, capturing the beauty of local beaches and the sprawling countryside. These snapshots form a collection that reflects the essence of my surroundings.

Beyond my artistic pursuits, I cherish my family and friends, savor indulgent chocolates and cake, find comfort in wine, and adore the calming aqua hue.

I'm incredibly grateful for your support of an independent artist like myself. Your encouragement ignites the passion that propels me on this artistic journey.